Run your healthcare enterprise from 

Realtime visibility and 360° coverage of operations


How it works

Quickest and easiest way to fully integrated healthcare operations management

Simply connect SOPEOwith in-house healthcare information systems(HIS) and its ready to work. No need to change anything

We are focused on the basics to be efficient


Everyone and everything in the ecosystem are always connected and communicating


Relevant information is always available with the right person at the right time


Proactive actions executed before breach of threshold and never after the fact


Supremely satisfied patients alongside significant gain in value and profitability

Experience the power of On-demand healthcare management and access


Anytime Access

Your device is at the center of everything

Realtime Visibility

Your healthcare ecosystem at your fingertips

Hospital Status

Admission &



What we have achieved for our customers

Total patient


Decrease in waiting times

Increase in effective bed capacity

Increase in patient satisfaction

Decrease in unit cost of operations

About Us

SOPEO is a next-generation and deep learning technology inspired by the greatest innovations in hi-tech, aviation, manufacturing and automobile industries. The notion of being able to manage every single unit of the enterprise-wide operations from a single pane of glass is the essence of the technology.

Machine and human intelligence in concert will enable human availability at the place that they are most needed, by the bedside.

Our mission is to enable healthcare providers to consistently sustain profitability and value by driving the highest efficiency levels in processes, operations, and employee productivity without compromising on supreme patient experience.


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